Drink of this and take thy fill,

for the gin falls by the wizard's will.

Sublimely smooth handcrafted gins
and gin based liqueurs.
Inspired by the Wizard of Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

The Edge Gin

London Dry

A magical combination of ten perfectly balanced botanicals, including the "superfruit" Wolfberries, working in perfect harmony to create a sublimely smooth and spellbinding gin.

Serve over ice with Mediterranean tonic and sliced orange or grapefruit.

The Edge Gin


We have taken our beautiful dry gin and given it a boost of orange zest. All natural, no added sugar, sweeteners or artificial flavours. Just enough orange so as not to overpower the delicately smooth dry gin.

Serve over ice with a Fever-Tree light tonic and sliced orange or orange peel.

Looking for a delicious Gin Liqueur?

We have The Edge

The Edge Gin gift box

5 x 50ml Gin Gift Box



The question we are most often asked is,

"What do you mix them with?"

We've put together some inspirational cocktail ideas to get you started.

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