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The Edge Gin

Our London dry gin has been receiving rave reviews since we made our first batch in October 2018. A various blend of botanicals, all working in perfect harmony, together with our unusual botanical "Wolfberry" has made our gin sublimely smooth and very moreish. Each sip of our London dry gin will keep your taste-buds guessing and enthralled as to why it tastes so good!

Wolfberries: A powerhouse of antioxidants

Merlin and Arthur working hard to make you a great gin!

Alcoholometer testing and bottling area

Bottle of The Edge Gin London Dry with Botanicals

The Edge Gin: All of our beautiful botanicals


The Edge Gin Liqueurs: Rhubarb, Raspberry, Pear Drop, Sarsaparilla, Sweet Violet.

20% Vol.

Drink of this and take thy fill,

for the gin falls by the wizard's will.

The Wizard's Well can be found on the magical outcrop of Alderley Edge in Cheshire, famous for its legend of a band of warriors who reputedly lie sleeping in a chamber below ground, ready to awake in a time of crisis to save their country. The carving of the wizard and the inscription, which reads 'Drink of this and take thy fill for the water falls by the Wizhard's will', were reputedly created by local stone mason Robert Garner in the 19th century.

Local people think that the wizard is none other than Merlin, and that the sleeping king is Arthur. They believe that Arthur waits there with his knights of the round table and that one day they will return in England's greatest hour of need....due any day now!