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Livin' On The Edge

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Alderley Edge, Cheshire is a beautiful village

The view from Alderley Edge National Trust Park
The view from Alderley Edge National Trust Park

A lovely walk around the Alderley Edge Cheshire countryside is something that always makes me smile.

Drink of this and take thy fill, for the water falls by the wizard's will

When you walk around the National Trust park around #AlderleyEdge, you can really feel the magical history of the area which involves the little tale of a Wizards Well and a band of warriors who lie sleeping in a chamber below ground, ready to awake in a time of crisis to save their country. Locals believe the wizard is Merlin, and that the sleeping king is Arthur and his knights of the round table. 

The wizard of Alderley Edge and inscription
The wizard's face and inscription

Turning water into gin

The water which runs into the wizard's well past the wizard's face, should not be drunk without some proper testing! However you can be sure that our #gin is more than safe to drink. We have some fantastic #Gins available to buy so why not check out our online store and in a few shakes of a wizard's wand, you could be enjoying the delights of our magical gins.

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